Thursday, September 18, 2014

Addition Strategies for Common Core Instruction

Hi everyone!
I hope you are having a great year so far.  My third grade class is off to a great start!

We jumped right in with our math program and I am so happy to see my students using the strategies I taught already!

I've had some great feedback from parents regarding the hand-outs I've sent home, so today, I want to share them with you...for a DOLLAR! (Regularly priced at $5.00 in my store.)  Here's a little blurb that I had written about this product:

Help your students (AND THEIR PARENTS!) understand how to use new math strategies.

The way we teach math today focuses on helping children build their base 10 understanding.

We know now that children should not be taught "short cuts" (algorithms) until they have a deep understanding of concepts.

The 4 methods of addition instruction in Book 1 of the "My Math Mentor" series, focuses on:

The Illustration Method
Base 10 Representation
Partial Sums Method
Open Number Line Method

Beginning in Kindergarten, these strategies are designed to move children from the CONCRETE (using objects to add and subtract), to the PICTORIAL (using drawings to add and subtract) and finally to the ABSTRACT/SYMBOLIC (using numbers and symbols to add and subtract). 

Created in a clean, low ink format - you will be returning to this product year after year to help your students be successful in math!

I hope you find these helpful too!  It's Back to School Night for me tonight!
Aaaaahhhh! wish me luck :)

Have a great day, everyone!  I'll see you next month with another fabulous DOLLAR STEAL!


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