Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Polar Express: A Supplemental Pack

Hey guys! This is Aimee from {Taking on Second}! This was Polar Express week. I can hardly get through the last two pages without choking up every. single. year. I just love this story! We have been working through the book with my {Polar Express pack}. I updated it this year, and I'll just brag a's pretty awesome. 
We have sorted vocabulary words, played a matching game, and used them in a zillion sentences. I even noticed students using these words in their writing! I'm working on transforming the way I teach vocabulary and so far its having a positive effect!
We have sequenced important points in the story. Students enjoyed this more than I thought they would. It was like a puzzle for them. 
We also searched for nouns. There are several other pages that are included in this pack...
-9 vocabulary words and definition cards
-Vocabulary frames to dig deeper into the words
-Picture map of the six vocabulary words
-Alphabetical order page of all vocabulary words
-Vocabulary Quiz
-Questions to ask before, during, and after reading
-2 Interactive Notebook pages: describing setting and character traits
-Story Sequence
-Comprehension Quiz
-BME pages
-Character/Setting/Problem/Solution graphic organizer
-Making words page
-Verb/Adjective sort
-Contraction review
-Noun search
-Webs for Santa, the Boy, the Conductor, and Hot Chocolate
{This pack} is only $1.00 for the next three days!!! Hurry over and grab it before the deal is gone! 

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