Monday, December 21, 2015

Singular & Plural Nouns Sort {Winter Themed}

Hello from Education Lahne! This month, I wanted to feature a best selling skill from my store and create a winter themed sort. My students LOVE doing sorts as a whole class, with a partner, in centers, or even on their own. I love that they are so versatile!

This set includes two different sorts, one with sentences and one with words. The sentence sort includes 18 different sentences that your students will sort according to the underlined noun. They will have a recording sheet where they will write down the noun under the correct category {singular or plural}. The word sort includes 20 sorting cards and a recording sheet as well. Both sorts come with answer keys. For my own classroom, I keep the keys in a designated area, so students may check they answers to see if they are correct or need reteaching.

My Singular & Plural Nouns Winter Sort will be on SALE for $1.00 until December 23rd! Grab it right here! :) Have a very merry Christmas!!!

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