Sunday, November 22, 2015

Share a Smile and some Elfin' Fun

Well here it is the end of November and I am in full-on holiday mode!  I really love this time of year personally and it became even more magical as a teacher.  I love sharing the holidays with my students.  I tend to incorporate the holidays into the different curriculum areas, but one of my favorite things is to teach the reasons behind the holiday season.  I love to take time to talk and teach thankfulness and gratitude.  I love to teach my students how fun it is to give to others.   And I love to teach them that giving that does not involve tangible items; giving can be as easy as giving happiness or smiles to others.

One of my favorite way to give smiles and happiness to others is to surprise them with something fun or silly.   This Elf Yourself Packet is a great way to give smiles and fun to another class, your own class or even your administrators!

This packet gives you 4 different elf patterns that are ready to print and color.

This is just one example of an elf pattern!

My students have always loved designing the elves clothes and getting them ready for their new personality! After coloring, simply cut out the face area and tape or glue a picture behind the elf.

All you need to supply is the pictures!  A close-up face shot works best.

Silly pictures make great elves!
You can then use the elves to decorate lockers, a classroom door, the hallway and so much more!  Spread some holiday cheer and elf someone today!  Better yet, start a "You've Been Elfed" campaign at your school and get everyone in on sharing holiday cheer.  The idea originally started with neighbors sharing holiday treats with other neighbors, but this can easily be adapted for a school setting.

Grab Elf Yourself while you can for only $1.  It's sure to provide some fun, laughs, and holiday cheer in the coming weeks.  This packet will be be on sale through Wednesday, November 25.

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