Monday, November 2, 2015

Shake, Spill, Roll, ENGAGING Math!!

Hey friends!! Katie from Pop into Primary here. What a busy school year it has been!! Anyone else?  As some of us Minnesota folk say...UFFDA this year is a whirlwind. But, I have definitely made time for some engaging, hands-on activities in my class this year. One thing we have LOVED is my Shake, Spill, Roll math pack. In this pack you will find four games....yes FOUR.
{Click on the pic to see this product in my store and read the reviews! :) }
1. A fact family/number bond game: This is where you "shake & spill" colored counters to create fact families! My students LOVE this.

2. Roll it three-digit addition: roll the dice, create a three-digit plus three-digit addition and practice those regrouping skills!

3. Roll it three-digit subtraction: same as the addition version, but students need to think a little bit and make sure they create a problem that is possible! {Without going into the negative numbers...because hey we are in 2nd grade!}

4. Place Value Roll: GREAT for those kiddos who need to practice ones, tens, and hundreds. Partners share a game board and take turns rolling the dice. They are trying to create the biggest number possible and have to choose which place value place to write each number they roll. Another big hit!

This game pack will be on sale for $1 for the next few days!!
Sweet dreams! Time to tuck myself in,
Have a great week! Katie

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