Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Reading Tic Tac Toe Menus

Hello everyone!  It's Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire.  I hope you are having a wonderful week and are adjusting to the time change and post Halloween sugar rush!  I am talking today about a new approach to homework that my first grade team and I have been using this year that has been great for our students.  We have always sent book in the bags home for students to read with an adult for additional practice that matches their reading level.  But, while our reading logs were coming back completed, we wanted another way to hold students accountable for their reading at home.  Enter the Reading Tic Tac Toe homework packet!

On Mondays, my team and I send each student home with a leveled book and a reading tic-tac-toe menu that accompanies each story element skill that we're currently focusing on.

Each tic-tac-toe menu has a variety of activities that the student can choose to complete using their leveled books.  They have a choice of similar activities each week but have to complete at least 3 activities before Friday for their homework.

Each menu has a word hunt option for students to hunt through their books to find and record words that match their sort for the week.  This can also be used for a class-wide phonics or spelling pattern.

There are several options for students to respond to their reading by sequencing story events, comparing and contrasting characters, describing the setting of the story, and designing a new cover for their book.

One of the most completed options has been drawing and writing about their favorite part of the book.  Not only does this help keep students' accountable for their nightly reading, it also is a meaningful way for them to get additional practice with skills we're learning in school.

These tic-tac-toe menus can be used during school as well for follow-up activities, center work, or story maps in response to read alouds.

Grab these menus in my TpT store here for a discounted price for the next 3 days!  I hope you enjoy them!

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