Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Master Multiplication with Triangle Flash Cards

Hi, friends, it's Peggy Means from Primary Flourish.  
I hope you are having a wonderful school year with your students!

I want to share some fun multiplication flash cards and activities with you that will help you help your students 'flourish' in mastering their math facts.

These are not your mother's flash cards. . .
they are triangles and they are a super-effective tool for mastering math facts!
They can be used in so many ways!

Individual Use
Small Group
Whole Class
Look how they make it easy to see the commutative property in action!
2x3=6 and 3x2=6
They also demonstrate how multiplication and division are inverse operations.
Once students master the multiplication facts, the division facts come so. much. easier!

One of my students' favorite whole-group activities with these flash cards
 is a cooperative learning activity we call
Partner Quiz.
It's a super engaging activity and the kids ASK for it!
{I have complete instructions in the pack.}

Math mats are included to using in teaching the concept or review in centers.

Here is another great way to use them - with a recording sheet for seat work or math centers.
3 different recording sheets are included, to make it easy to differentiate.

I like to send them home with this letter to make it easy for the family to help.

You can see, these flash cards are packed with possibilities!
Many engaging ways to give your students that
needed practice to master their multiplication facts!
It is a great CCSS Aligned resource for your classroom.

You can get these Multiplication & Division Flash Cards
 for just a DOLLAR for the next three days!
October 27, 2015
October 28, 2015
October 29, 2015

Keep flourishing!

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