Saturday, October 17, 2015

Asking and Answering Questions

Hi, Just popping in today to quickly share my most recent resource. This week we are delving into the standard related to asking and answering questions about key details in text. I needed something my students could use multiple times as a literacy center. I created this resource which covers multiple standards and provides rigor to the process of asking and answering questions.

I included posters which clearly focus on the question stems, "who,what, where, when, why, and how."  Reviewing these helped my students when they formulate or answer questions.

24 versatile task cards are included. These can be used as a center to engage students in questions and discussions about any text you assign or they self select.  All cards can be placed at the center, or simply choose the focus of your instruction.  Student directions are included, as well as a response sheet.  The cards can also be used as a Scoot Activity.  A response sheet has been provided for this. 3 bonus printable sheets are included.

This resource is perfect for second and third grade students.  You can grab it on sale for $1.00 for the next three days!  Click {HERE} for a direct link!  Enjoy your weekend!

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