Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some Multi-Sensory Alphabet Fun!

Hey all - it's Amy from Teaching in Blue Jeans.  Today I am really excited to share a new resource that I recently created.  I had so many requests for this over the years and I finally got it done.   Introducing - Multi-Sensory Alphabet Practice Pages!

These pages are designed in a similar format as my Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice pages which as a best seller in my TpT store.  Each alphabet page includes a section for read it, trace it, write it, rainbow write it, circle it, and find it.   Why do I love these pages so much?  By practicing writing and recognizing the letters using multiple senses, you are opening multiple pathways of learning to the brain! Multi-sensory activities are research based and recommended for helping all learners!  Want more - how about all the fine motor practice you get on one page - pencil, crayon, scissors and glue!  Additionally, all that is one one single page!  Can you say great for the copy count!  

I love his focus and engagement!  Working so hard on that letter D!

Trying to find those G's!  I intentionally use letters that are similar in appearance in the Circle It and Find It sections.   This helps students develop a true mastery of letter identification.

I introduce these pages to whole group so that I can model my expectations and correct any misunderstandings.  After a few pages together these go into an independent work station for the rest of the year.  No - I don't use the alphabet all year.  Once we go through the alphabet we start on our sight words.  This is an easy transition into the center because the pages are set-up in a very similar manner!  You can find all those resources by clicking on the picture below.

Not only do I hope that these pages help your students master their alphabet, but I hope they make your life a little easier by providing you with an easy to prep, consistent word work/phonics activity!

The Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pages will be $1 from today through Friday, September 25.  Grab at the discounted price while you can!

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