Friday, August 7, 2015

My 5 Best Tips For Classroom Organization

Classroom Organization 101:

Hi there!
I'm Palma from KFUNdamentals.
I'm so excited to be 
blogging here today!
It's my 1st post on this amazing blog 
and I'm so happy to be joining such
 talented blogpost writers with 
My 5 BEST Organization tips 
and a $1.00 special sorting activity.

Let's get started!

Number 1:
5 Senses - Vision glasses & Listening jars.
Students can see the world through 
a magnifier & colored glasses 
and they can see optical illusions 
and even take a close look at their own eyes 
with the hand mirror.

Make 2 of each listening jar with items like 
rice, beans, & pennies in each one.
Students shake the jars & match the pairs
 that have the same sound.
Remember to number the jars and 
keep a cheat sheet so you know 
which ones match!

Outline all of the little parts at your 
centers on construction paper.

Laminate it and your centers 
will stay organized and you will know 
immediately if any pieces are missing.

Number 2:
Students can practice writing letters, numbers, their name, sight words, etc. 
Or write a word or phrase to help complete their monthly writing page. 

Attach lined dry-erase contact paper 
to a pice of laminated construction paper. 

Add a strip of numbers 
or a set of alphabet letters to the top 
along with a sample of the child's name.
This is great for substitutes or volunteer to correctly identify each child 
and it provides a personal workspace 
for each child.

Add dry-erase pens & small erasers 
and you’re done.

Number 3:
Don't let your paint center drive you crazy!
 Cover your easel with a 
flannel-backed plastic tablecloth. 
It can be washed or tossed 
when it gets covered with paint.

Tired of washing paint brushes? 
Each night, cover your paints with wet sponges 
that have a hole poked in the center 
for the brush handles. 
The moisture will evaporate, but your paints 
will stay fresh and won’t dry out. 

Place paint sample cards 
(I used Mickey Mouse paint sample cards)
on a shelf and place matching bottles 
of paint just above each paint sample card. 
Just a glance, and you will know 
which color you’re out of. 

Bonus tip: Place a plastic sandwich bag inside each paint cup before filling with paint. 
They are easy to discard and 
your paint cups will stay clean. 
(Thank you, to a fellow K teacher for this tip.)

Add a little petroleum jelly to the plastic tops 

to help make clean-up easier.  

Number 4:
You can grab the stick-on hooks at the Target Dollar Spot right now!
Turn a low, horizontal bookcase into a 
dress-up center by turning it on its side!
Add some stick-on hooks and you are ready to add some costumes, hats, and accessories. 
This idea came from one of my kindergarten teammates a few years ago.

Number 5:
Save the colorful handles from the popsicle mold sets for your
estimation jar or for additional sorting activities.
Six regular, or four jumbo, crayons fit 
nicely in these 8-part popsicle molds. 

Place this in the middle 
of each of your tables and 
it will eliminated so many problems 
while encouraging sorting skills!
You won't hear, "I don't have a red!" ever again!

Just For YOU:

And here is a 
complete with pieces to sort!
It even comes with the words
"color" and "shape" 
so your kids can copy the word that 
matches how they sorted the pieces!

Just print, cut, & let your kids 
sort and label their sorting circles.

And, the best part is that I 
reduced the price to $1 for a short time.

Click this image to grab your $1 goodie.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

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