Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Transportation Ribbon Display Chart

Hey y'all!  I'm Stephanie from The Learning Chambers and I'm super thrilled because this is my very first post on Teacher Deals & Dollar Steals.

I love love LOVE getting great deals, so I knew this group would make my heart so happy!  So....here is my very first deal....

Recently, I gave one of my best sellers a big update and I couldn't wait to share it with you guys.  I mean dismissal time is such a crazy time, especially the first few weeks of school!  I wanted to create something that would take some of the stress out of "Who goes home on the bus?"

The thing I LOVE most about this product is that it is super easy for students to move their name tag when their transportation changes.  And we all know that some students change transportation weekly!  You could also use clothespins labeled with their names, it's up to you!

Another reason I love this product is because there are so many different color options for you to mix-and-match to your classroom colors.  AND....it's editable!!

You ready for the best news?  You can grab it for just $1 for the next three days (July 28th, 29th, and 30th)...I've never had this listed at that price!

Click on the product cover to grab this DOLLAR STEAL!

I'm looking forward to sharing more Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals in the future.  You can click on my blog button above to follow me!

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