Sunday, July 19, 2015

Getting Back in the Groove

Hey guys, it's Aimee from {Taking on Second}! The first week of school is never my favorite. Procedures have to be taught and practiced, and it's too early to dive right into the routine. Students and teachers need time to get back into the groove of school. To help my students get back into a school mind set, we will be using my back to school skills book!
This book covers skills that beginning of the year second grade students should have down pat! There is math and phonics covered!
The skills covered are:
*Simple addition and subtraction(this page is identical to the EOY 2nd grade book)

*Hundreds chart missing numbers
*Word problems: addition, subtraction, money, time, fraction, calendar
*Patterns: numbers and shape
*Place value to 100
*Time to hour and half hour
*Fractions( this page is identical to the EOY 2nd grade book)
* Money 
*Numbers in words
*Long and short A
*Long and short E
*Long and short I
*Long and short O
*Long and shout U

These are able to be copied, cut in half and stapled at the top to make the pages easily flip up! 
Each vowel sound has a new way to practice the sound than the one before it. They are short, but to the point. This will be an awesome beginning of the year "assessment" of what my students are truly capable of. This will also make all that reviewing skills so much smoother! I have mine printed, stapled and ready! How about you? Click the cover below to get them for only $1.00! They will be on sale for the next three days! 

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