Saturday, July 25, 2015

Everyone needs a Wordy Bird!

Hey everyone!  

I'm Shana Grooms from Mrs. Grooms' Room and I am so excited to share my newest product in my store. These little books are a wonderful asset to any writing workshop!   

Here are my TOP 5 REASONS why I LOVE student dictionaries!

1.  Students can refer to them during writing time to find words they may not          know how to spell.  
2.  They can add their own words they find later.  
3.  They give students a resource to use instead of asking teacher all the time.  
4.  They can even use them later in other grades!
5.  They make students independent writers.

Take a look at what's included in this awesome little writing tool! 

It's easy to assemble!  Just print and bind!  And it's just a DOLLAR for the next three days.  You can get it here or click on one of the pictures above. 
This deal will last:
July 25, 2015
July 26, 2015
July 27, 2015
Happy Learning!!

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