Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of The Year Countdown! + a Freebie

Hey Sweet Friends!

It's Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom! I have been counting down the days with my second graders this year and once we hit 25 days left, we created a classroom chain! I then couldn't help but make some activities to tie into our countdown chain... Let's take a look...

Each of my students made their own chain to cut each day as we countdown, but you can certainly just do one if that works better for you! And, the pack that I am about to show you, does not require that you do the chain at all... this is just a fun side piece!

{Click the picture or here to view on TpT}
One of my favorite pieces of this pack are the writing prompts! I laminated them, put magnet tape on the back, and placed them on our white board next to our calendar. We use one each day and then take it down. The kids love the visual of one writing prompt coming down each day.
There are also black and white prompts that you can give your students if you want to do so. I love having my students color them and put them in their writing journals.
There are also these templates for 25 numbers. You can use them however you want! We put them on our calendar and peel one off each day! Just use the blank template included, put your sticky notes on them, and print out using the template with the numbers on it! They turn out like...
This has been really fun, too!!
Another fun piece of this pack are the last day of the year crowns. Don't we all love wearing a crown from time to time? There are different versions that you can choose from too.
I hope you loved taking a look at this pack in action. If you would like to purchase it, the pack will be $1.00 for the next three days so grab it now!!! It will go back to regular price on Saturday, June 30th!

I also created a fun FREEBIE that you can download, which is an end of the year scavenger hunt. 
There are printable cards for you to hang around the room...
And there are two different versions of the recording sheet {one in color & one in black and white}

Grab it here -----> End of The Year Scavenger Hunt.

One more thing sweet friends! If you want to link up with me on IG, you can share how many days you have left of school! Just repost this image and use the #teacherend.
Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you have a great summer!!!

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