Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Fix-It Sentence Notebook

Hey there! It is Lindsey from Miss Law's Kinders.

Just as most of you probably do, I begin every single day of school with a morning meeting. I take five minutes to allow students to tell me anything their hearts desire before the day gets started, and we always read my morning message. On every morning message, I always include a "brain buster." One of the most difficult skills we cover on our brain busters are our "fix-it sentences," so I created a notebook we could work in for the rest of the year to practice this skill.

My Spring Fix-It Sentence Notebook is seriously perfect and just what I wanted needed.

We will alternate between this notebook and our writing journals during writing time, so the thirty spring related fix-it sentence pages that are included in this notebook will be plenty to get us through until the end of the school year.

We did our first fix-it sentence together as a class today, and, if it could, my heart would have been smiling. 

Each fix-it sentence page of this notebook has three steps: 1. Fix it. 2. Rewrite it. 3. Draw it.
For our first time, we did step one together. I then had students complete step two on their own, and I checked their work before they could move on to step three. 

{Here is a sweet girl working on step two, rewriting the sentence the correct way, using her "space man."}

{Here is a completed fix-it sentence page in the notebook. This little lad did a fabulous job! His penmanship, although hard to see because of his needed-to-be-sharpened pencil, was perfect, and he rewrote the sentence perfectly. He also drew a picture for step three that matched what the sentence said.}

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  1. These are great. Are they only available in D'Nealian?

  2. These are great. Are they only available in D'Nealian?