Friday, April 17, 2015

I Have, Who Has Games

Let's HAVE some FUN!

I have, Who Has games are a quick way to assess students, as well as a fun, engaging word work center that the students will pick time and time again.  My students get into groups of 2-4 students.  They divvy up the cards so that everyone has an equal amount.  If there is one extra card, that student with the extra card starts the game.  As they say their card, they turn it over, since that card will not be used again.

If students are able to turn all cards over, they played the game correctly, since this a looped game.  Many times they say, "There's no match", only to find that someone said or turned over the wrong card.  We play it many different ways - sometimes a competition to see who finishes first, and other times it's just to see if you can get all the cards turned over in your group.   They love it!!

This game is a little harder, because they aren't looking for a word printed on the previous card.  They are actually looking for a rhyming word.  My students had a really hard time with this one at first. :)  I guess because they had to THINK!  One little group called me over and said that there wasn't a match for their first card.  I said, "Oh, there's always a match."  But when I went to look for the word, I could not find it either.  I panicked at first, thinking I had messed up, but then quickly realized that they had to find the rhyming word - so, I was stumped at first as well.  (Yep, and I made them...)  In my defense, I have literally 20 different I have, who has games. :)

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