Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Multiplication Printables {with The Primary Gal}

Hey there!  It's Amanda from The Primary Gal.  Lately, I've been running like 4,000 miles an hour.  I think it's the time of year.  You are either busy prepping for standardized testing or you are planning for end of year events.  And let me tell ya, it is EXHAUSTING! Because of that, I'm not going to products right now are being created to easy MY load.  My hope is that as I easy my stress load a little, you can find some use in your classroom as well.

During my centers each day, I have a math computation center.  This center is designed to target students who need continual, spiral review.  We all know the kids that I'm talking about.  You introduce a skill, they kick butt at it, and a month later they act as if they have NEVER completed that type of problem.  This year, that is half of my class.  So at my computation center, I typically have task cards or some type of worksheet to help them practice.  Unfortunately, they were getting bored.  Ouch!  That hurts admitting it.  But it's true.  They. Were. Bored.  So, I am working to improve this center through seasonal printables.  And so far, mission accomplished.

My kids love the opportunity to get a chance to cut and paste various answers to problems or even use a spinner to create their own problems.  Meanwhile, I am in love with the fact that they are no longer avoiding this center like the plague AND they are getting critical practice on basic skills right before testing.  Win, win!

I'd love for you to check these printables out while they are on sale for only $1.00!!! Also be sure to check back for more spring printables in division, decimals, and fractions.  :)

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