Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's Go On a Vowel Hunt!

Hey everyone! Aimee from {Taking on Second} here! I'm so excited to tell you about my newest product, "{We're Going on a Long Vowel Hunt}!"
This vowel hunt has a section for all the vowels, and sometimes y;) 
Long A: a, ai, ay, and a_e

Long E: ee, ea, e_e, and y
Long I: i, igh, i_e, and y
Long O: ow, o_e and oa
Long U: ew, ue, ui, and u_e
For each vowel, there is a short paragraph where students are searching for a specific vowel sound. At the bottom, they are required to tell how many of a specific vowel team they found. For example, Long A Hunt has students tell how many "AY" words they found. This was a big hit with my kids. I opened up a new pack of highlighters, and they couldn't wait to get started!

A vowel sort is also included for each vowel! These are a great support before or after the hunt. I like to use the sort first, then use the hunt as a follow up activity. 
Each vowel also has picture cards with elementary writing lines for students to either write the vowel sound they hear, write the word, or they could even use this for rhyming! In my second grade room, my kids are going to write the name of the picture.
These come in color and black and white to save on printing! Sometimes the pictures are hard to figure out, even for the teacher! I have included a cheat sheet for the pictures. 

This pack is usually $4.00, but for the next three days, you can snag it for only $1.00!!! Head over to Taking on Second and grab your copy!! Click the picture above, and you will be right there! 


  1. This looks great!! Thanks for marking it down to $1!! The picture cards will also be great for a review of all the vowel teams!!

  2. Highlighters make any activity better! This looks great; thanks for sharing!

    A Very Curious Class