Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Poppin' Readers from Aloha to Second

Do you have literature circles or book clubs in your classroom?  Well, I have incorporated weekly book clubs for my students.  Every Friday the students participate in Poppin' Readers!

This is one of my favorite things I do in my classroom.  I call it Poppin' Readers because I have my students eat popcorn while they read and discuss the book.

I created several roles so that each student can participate in the book club meeting.  Students wear popcorn necklaces with their job on it so they know what to do.  I also created recording sheets for each role to hold students accountable.  You will find all of these fun materials in my Poppin' Readers pack that is only $1 for the next three days!  Click the picture below to grab your copy.

One of the jobs includes being the Poppin' Connector.  The students looks for places in the story where they can make a connection to the book.  They also ask their group members to share connections. 

The Poppin' Word Master looks for unknown words to record.  Students work together to use context clues to figure out the definition, and then they look up the real definition when they are done reading.

The Poppin' Questioner asks questions before, during, and after they read!  This helps with discussion. 

The Poppin' Artist draws pictures that represent what is happening the story. 

The Poppin' Predictor makes predictions while they read.  He/she also asks the groups members to participate. 

The Poppin' Manager is in charge of collecting all of the materials and keeping everything organized. 

The Poppin' Recommender writes a recommendation for the book at the end.  He/she uses the group members' input. 

The Poppin' Leader is in charge of keeping the group focused and on task.  He/she also read the story and helps facilitate discussion. 

Here is one of the cute necklaces the students wear while working!

I hope you enjoyed my special deal for you!  Please be sure to check it out in my TpT store.  My kids LOVE this and look forward to it each week. :]

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