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MAIN IDEAS AND HOW TO'S - Mrs. Grooms' Room

Hey y'all!!  

I am Shana Grooms of Mrs. Grooms' Room! I have a Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals throwback for you today and a sweet but simple little writing unit.  

Today, I am soo excited to be sharing one of my favorite mini-units:  Ideas are Ideal!  

We work really hard on finding the main idea in first grade and sometimes it's a hard subject to grasp for firsties.  Having them explain the main idea can be tough, too.  It takes practice for those little kiddos!   

For my students, I created a selection of reading passages for students to use when learning about the main idea of a passage. 

I have used them in our small differentiated reading groups, centers, and homework.  Mainly, it is a great way to practice those reading comprehension skills! 

Take a peak at my little gem below.  

Click on the picture above to see the unit at my store.  
Check out the preview...there may be a special treat just for you! 

You get the idea!  ;)  

Take a look and try it out!    

Here are some more examples of the passages that you will find in the unit.
JUST REMEMBER....this little guy is only $1.00 for the next three days! 


We have been working on our procedural writings lately.  We have RTI in the classroom and my students who don't have RTI have to have something to do during this work on our writing.  It's simple, to the point, and the kids know exactly what to do.  

I post their writing prompts on our Smartboard and they use it as a guide for their spiral notebooks.  There are journal papers for you to create journals and scaffolding paper to use later if you want to expand your lessons or publish that writing prompt.   

We are definitely a work in progress!

 We practice every day so they can learn those procedural words...

It's a great little way to practice their writing!!  This little writing unit will be a DOLLAR for the first, next, and last day.  ;) 

3/25/15 - 3/28/15


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