Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dear Mr. President...A Letter Writing Unit

Hey everyone!  

When I was in the second grade, we had to write to the President.  Boy, was I nervous.  You had to make a good impression, right?  This is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!  You had to be able to write a letter discussing important political ideas and theories.  Debate international policies and create a plan for world peace.  AND you had to have great handwriting. 

Okay...okay... I KNOWdidn't write about political ideas, theories, or international policies!!!   I AM  99.9 percent sure I wrote about my beagle, Murdock, and my little brothers.  And I pray my handwriting was legible. :/ 

(I must take this opportunity to embarrass all of my siblings.  Eldest sibling op!)

But having the opportunity to write to the President is wonderful for teachers and students!!  It's a chance to implement social studies into our writing unit and to practice writing letters.  You probably remember that we wrote to Santa in December.  Let me tell was a great unit. My students did not mind one jolly iota!  

Here is some Trivia Crack for you...

Did you know that an iota is the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet?  I had no idea.  Our ninth letter happens to be the letter i.  You learn something everyday!! 

Note:  Do you all play Trivia Crack??  Oh my word... so fun...even for the not so good trivia players like me it is a great chance to grow a dendrite. Just look up Trivia Crack in the app store.  Possible brain break idea!!!  

So...please forgive me if this post looks a little familiar  :)   Here is the unit that I will be using for our President's Day unit.   

You will find everything that you need in this little unit to write to the President:
There are posters, practice pages, writing organizers, and scaffolding writing papers!  It is a chance to take their writing through the writing process and show them how to write a letter.     

Here is a peak at what is inside...

  • There are pages that you can use to introduce letter writing or anchor charts. We are fortunate enough to have a poster maker at my school.  (However, I love to use them on my Smartboard to introduce lessons, or practice with students.)  
  • You can practice the parts of a letter.   
  • Proof-read children's letters to the President . 
  • You can check for understanding or comprehension of letter writing. 
  • Students can use graphic organizers to help them brainstorm, and plan their letters to the President. 
  • And there are writing papers for different levels of students, whether the level or age!!  Or you can scaffold their letters from the first draft while they are still learning how to write a letter, to their final draft...the one President Obama will be reading!

And of course, there is even a chart to help students learn how to address an envelope and a template to make one.  

Don't forget about the vocabulary words!! Those are available to you, too!  

And because it's only patriotic to put this unit on can find it here!  it's only ONE DOLLAR!!!!  Check it out it will be available for a dollar until January 28th!!!   Now that is something to write to the President about!  

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