Monday, January 5, 2015

Area and Perimeter Robot Craft

Hello! It's Jamie from Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher.

I am headed back to school today like many other teachers. The kids and I will both be getting back in the swing of things. As I worked on my lessons, I knew that I needed some fun in my week!  But we need to work on some tough skills too. We can't just take a break. This is the perfect time for some math art!!!

My favorite math craft is Area and Perimeter Robot.

I have done with project with my kiddos for the past three years and it is always a hit. In fact, it is my top selling product in my store and it just received a big makeover.

Students are given a card with measurements for the robots arms, legs, head and body. There are cards for area, perimeter and a mix. This makes differentiating a piece of cake! Students use graph paper (which is included) to cut out the pieces of their robot. Next, they glue them on construction paper with the fun conversation bubble. Finally, students get to color and decorate their robots. They make adorable displays in your classroom or hallway.

I love how creative the kids get!

My kids are having a blast while practicing a tough mathematical concept. That's a win-win day for me!

You can grab this fun activity for just $1 for the next three days! Just click on the picture below.

While you are in my store, you might want to check out my area and perimeter interactive notebook. It's another engaging way to keep kids thinking!

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