Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Prepping for Winter Deals!

Hello sweet friends!!  It's me Debbi from 3rd Grade Pad!  It's all about 3s each month on the 3rd!

I'm super excited to share THREE Deals and Steals with you!
Fraction Frenzy

Deal #1 is one of two fraction task cards I've put together for some winter practice.  Fractions and Number Lines are always a little tricky for my kids, so I put together this set.  My kids can practice naming a location on a number line as well at partitioning a number line to represent fractions in halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths.  I've sweetened this set up by providing it in full color and in black and white!  You can grab this deal, if you haven't gotten it already, for 50% off in my TPT store.  Click HERE to jump over.
Freezing Fractions

Deal #2 is another fraction set that allows students to create models of fractions.  I have JUST updated this file and added another answer document, too.  To differentiate the set, there is also an open ended document that student can partition AND color the model.  Perfect to meet the needs of your students at their level and provide a challenge for those who are ready.  This cutie is also 50% off and includes a black and white version for those of you conserving your ink!  Click HERE to see this one in my TPT store.

Poppin' Good Time

I don't know about you, but my kids need tons of practice with Elapsed Time!  I like to front-load the topic in mini-lessons in my small groups and put cards on the  Document Camera as morning work.  By the time we GET there, it's not such a huge task.  Especially near the end of the year when kids start to get a little wacky with Spring Fever!  So I'm passing this along to you as a $1 Deal so you can prep for the New Year!

That's it folks!  Remember the 3s Rule!!  THREE days (until Friday at midnight) to grab these deals! entire store is still on sale for an additional day(Wednesday) for TPT Cyber Sale, too!

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