Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Double Time: One and More than One Words

Hi friends!!! Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden here. I'm back with my Teacher Deal and Dollar Steal for November! I made this product for my kinders to practice writing plural words. We don't use the term plural as of right now, but feel free to use those terms with your students.

Double Time: One and More than One Words

Your students can use the cards that are included to work on the singular and plural versions. These are self correcting cards. All you have to do is laminate and cut them out. Fold over the words and add a clothespin or paper clip to keep them closed. I just used some extra glittery clothespins that I had laying around.

The other cards are also available in two versions. The first has the singular form of the word. Students have to add -s to the next line. The second set of cards do not have any words. These can be given to students that are able to write out each word without making this activity too difficult. These are not available in black and white.

I have either been using this whole group or during my Daily 5 time with my groups. Next week, this will be an option for their Word Work tubs to choose from. It is so easy and quick and I love the fact that their can check their word on half of this pack. Worry free kindergarteners equal a WIN in my book.

This resource is marked down for three days to only ONE BUCK! Be sure to pin, tell a friend, and shop away!!

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