Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ways to Show Numbers - Posters and Printables

Happy October everyone! It's Elyse from A is for Apples and I'm happy to be back and sharing another Dollar Steal with you!

One of our first math units is recognizing, counting, and writing with numbers 0-5. One of the things my students have to learn is how to show numbers in different ways. On the way home from work one day, an idea popped into my head! I created posters and two printable packs (#s 1-10 and #s 11-20) for ways to show numbers. Here's how it looked in my classroom!

I printed the blank page from the pack on color paper using the poster option on Adobe, then laminated and taped the pages together. I had the students help me model each number before they went to their seats to work independently. I printed the number pages 2-per page so it would fit in their math notebook. 

I'm so impressed every time my young kiddos start doing something independently. After some modeling, my students were able to complete each number on their own, and they came up with some great ways to show each number! Our number units are separated with 0-5 happening for several weeks and then we start back over with the same objectives for 6-10. Hopefully my students will remember the routine and dive right back in when we get to 6-10 soon!

Click on the cover images to see the packs in my store!!

The posters are a great way to have the numbers displayed in your classroom! This pack has color and black and white versions to save on some ink!
Click on the cover image to see the posters in my store!

All 3 packs will be a part of this dollar deal...
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