Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Place Value Practice

Hello again! Amna here from Teach Two Reach: 2nd Grade Happenings. Today I bring to you a place value practice product for just a buck. 

In this Apple Pickin' Place Value printable set, you will get 15 pages of number/place value concepts for 2 and 3 digit numbers. Topics included are:

Identifying thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones through base ten blocks.

Expanded form

Odd and Even

Grouping tens as hundreds and determining value

Identifying the value of a digit

Writing the number in word form

Matching word form to standard form

Find skip counting patterns

Determining 100 more/less and 10 more/less

Greater Than, Less Than 

Here are a couple of examples of the practice included.

This is everything in the set. Click on the picture to take you to the product! Hope to see you in my TpT shop.. ;)

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