Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Peek & Check Clock

Hello friends! I'm Kelly, from Love to Teach A-Latte. I hope you're well, and you're having great days with your students! I don't know about you, but I am amazed at how fast time is flying! I feel like crazy busy September is leading to a crazy busy October! Speaking of busy, I hope these printable, math FREEBIES can help you in your classroom! It includes an addition color page, a money paper, and mixed two digit addition & subtraction. Enjoy!

Today I'm writing about a tool that has helped my sweet students so much! It's called the Peek & Check Clock. This activity really helps those students that are unsure of telling time to 5 minutes.
You begin by copying the clock pieces on either card stock or copy paper. It just depends how often you'll use it. It could very easily be pasted into an Interactive Notebook for safe keeping. I suggest completing this activity in a small group setting so you can help the kids often.

After that you can color the numbers to match your clock hands. I've found this helps the students make the connection.

Now comes the tricky part-CUTTING! I'm going to warn you now, someone will cut the clock hands too small so be sure to copy the extra clock hand paper. :)  I created a dotted box around the hands so the students stay on that line rather than the actual hand. My picture doesn't show the dashed outline because this was an improvement I made after completing these a few times. Live & learn!

Now you cut on the dashed lines between the hour numbers, it's the red one in the picture. Be sure to remind students to stop on the solid line. Then fold the flaps.

After that the teacher must take a brad and attach the clock hands to the brad. You can do this with a hole punch, which works well, or just poke through the hands. Then you need to poke through the top circle only and secure the brad. Securing it to the top page only is easier than trying to attach it to both. You can use a hole punch here again or just poke through.

Next you glue the 2 circles together by lining up the dot on the 12 & :00. 
Place the glue in the blue circle only.

Then remind the kids to line up the dots I referred to earlier. They'll be all set! 

Let it dry a bit, and it's ready to use! I have always done this activity in a small group setting during my Guided Math lessons. This helps avoid confusion wen putting together the clock.

I've found this tool really helps my littles that need that extra confidence in their answers. This year in 3rd grade, I only used with those students that needed to see the topics taught again. In 2nd grade I did this activity with all the kids and they really enjoyed having it. It was very helpful during independent work & even homework. I hope you can find it useful in your classroom!

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See ya next month!

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