Saturday, October 11, 2014

My ABC Book! {Easy and meaningful review book}

Hello friends!! I hope y’all are having a fabulous fall! Today our little family planned to visit the pumpkin patch and of course it decided to thunderstorm! L So we are going to have to just have some fun inside! (I have a toddler, pray for me!) Haha!

Today I’d like to share my dollar deal with you: “MY ABC BOOK”. This little booklet is something I created to use with my nephew Hank who was learning his alphabet. I am not a big fan of worksheets nor am I an advocate for teaching letters in isolation, HOWEVER it is important for kids to know letter formation and to review often.

So I created the “My ABC Book”. This book was created to use as a quick, engaging review. Before we began our lesson for the day we would use dot markers or tear paper to fill in the letter were reviewing and Hank would trace the letter above and color in the visual cue.

We also had a review page where he circled the pictures that began with that letter and then found the capital and lowercase versions of the letter. This was my favorite part because it forces kids to visually discriminate between letters. 

You can also choose to have kids color in the pictures that begin with the letter you are reviewing if you want the activity to take more time. Because I’m not a huge seatwork person I tried to make this part quick and to the point.

We kept our pages in a folder and colored the cover page. The cover page was taped onto the outside of the folder and the practice sheets were placed inside. When kids complete each letter they can take it home for review.

There you go, easy peasy and fun alphabet review that doesn’t take a big chunk of time. This activity can be done in small group for struggling kinder kids or in pre-K as a whole group activity or a center activity, really whatever your kids need!

This book will be on sale for only $1 (wowza!) for the next three days: October 11, 12 and 13th. Click here to see it on TPT. If you need some other purchases to get up to $3 I have several alphabet review packets you can pick from. Happy teaching friends!!

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