Monday, October 27, 2014

Differentiated Word Wall

Hi Friends!

I'm Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom and today I'm sharing all about my interactive, differentiated word wall.

You guessed it! For the next 3 days it will be on sale for $1.00!

The yellow and blue cards that you see on my word wall are from the Fry Word Lists. Currently I am using lists 1-6 and picking words to hang up that are from phonics patterns or content areas that we are working on at this time.

In just a few steps, you too can have a differentiated word wall that helps all of your students become better spellers!

First, print the word lists and copy them onto construction paper. Then laminate them, cut 'em out, and put magnetic tape {the interactive part} on the back.

Next, start building your word wall with your students. Teach them how they can take words off the wall and bring them to their seats. My rule is that after they use the card they must put it back for other students to access {but you can manage this how you see fit!}.
I printed the Fry Word List 1-3 on blue paper and Lists 4-6 on yellow paper as a management system for me. That way, I know where to put the words at the end of the year and can quickly identify what list they go to. Again, do this how you see fit!
Ready to start your own differentiated, interactive word wall? Grab the lists for only $1 here!

I also have a few more items that are only $1.00 to celebrate my good friend Amanda's birthday for today and tomorrow only! 

I made sure to put my top sellers up for $1.00 grabs!

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2 small group reading comprehension sets which go along with The Magic Tree House Series
Happy Shopping, Friends!

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