Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time Slap It by Emmy Mac Shop

Hi Everyone! It's Emily from Emmy Mac's Class. I'm back to give you my second Dollar Steal. I decided to go all out this time and put my Best Seller on sale for a dollar!!! It will only be available for three days, so get it while you can. The sale ends on the 23rd!

So what product is my best seller? It's my Time Slap It game!

Your students will love this fast pace time game! It's super easy to set up and differentiate. I included cards for o'clock, half past, quarter after and quarter to. Pick and choose which cards, that you want your students to practice on.

To play the game, students put the clocks facing up on the floor. One player or the teacher picks a digital time and calls it out. The rest of the players race to find the correct clock. The player with the most clocks at the end of the game is the winner. 

This game is great for small groups. But, can also be used for large group activities as well.

Click HERE to take a closer look at this great game!

Don't forget to check the rest of my store for other great time games.
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