Monday, August 18, 2014

Reading Response Flip Flap Books

Hi all!! :) It's Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! I am SO pumped to have joined this collaborative blog to bring you TEACHER DEALS AND **DOLLAR STEALS!**

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SOOOO without further delay - my DOLLAR DEAL for you  - which will be on sale for $1 today, tomorrow, and Wednesday - is.... THE TOP SELLING ITEM IN MY STORE! . . .

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for a new and engaging way to hold my kids accountable and to check comprehension during read to self, during read to someone, or even a way to hold them accountable for and to assess them on what they've read during small group work!  Well, enter my Reading Response Flip Flap Books which are my BEST SELLER!

There is a great variety of flip flap books to choose from in this simple yet useful set of reading response resources, and they are all pictured above and shown in action below!

There are gray scale as well as black and white versions of flip flap book resources to use for the following skills:

Sequencing with first, next, last
Story Elements
Main Ideas and Details
Sequencing the beginning, middle, and end
Making connections
Asking and answering questions
Retelling with somebody, wanted, to, but, so, then
Author's Purpose

I'm going to share with you just a few quick examples of how I used these flip flap books in my classroom last year.   The kids were just craving something new and exciting, and this simple spin on a typical respond to reading activity was such a hit!  Their work was AWESOME, too! 

Here are a few of my favorite go-tos in my classroom!
One way that I've also incorporated these respond to reading flip flap books in my routines is with my tutoring kiddo! We often used a main idea and key detail flip flap book resource to respond to a non fiction text from Reading A-Z Resources!

The best part is is that they are SO easy to use and the kids don't even realize that their comprehension is being tested!

The kiddos just fold their flip flap resources in half and cut the top flaps open to be able to record their main idea and details of what they read. There is a spot on the back of the flip flap book for their name, the title of the text, and directions for making the book.

I've included several pictures below of the kiddos in action with their reading response flip flap books!

I have the students record their answer on the inside part of each flap and draw a matching illustration for the answers on the right side of the flap.

Each student recorded and illustrated the main idea under the first flap.  Then, they recorded and illustrated the 3 corresponding and supporting details under the remaining three flaps using text evidence from the selection that they've read.
These reading response flip flap books have been such an easy yet SUPER effective go-to in my classroom.  Plus, there is such a variety of skills to practice and/or assess while using them!

If these reading response books sound like something you could use in your classroom, you can take a closer look at them in my store {HERE} ON SALE FOR $1 for the next 3 days!!! or by clicking the image below!

Thanks for stoppinng by our blog today!!
-Ashley :)

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