Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School Room Decor

Hey everyone! It's Jennifer from Laman's Terms.  I'm a 3rd grade teacher & this is my 19th year of teaching. I've taught 3rd grade for 17 years!  Last year I moved into a new (very old) classroom. It's a small classroom & oddly shaped with an outside door (Think fire exits and having to leave pathways clear.) Ugh. I decided that to make my room look and feel bigger I needed to focus on 2 or 3 main colors for everything in my classroom. I chose aqua & lime with a few pink accents throughout. So everything in my room from my lunch count, homework club, alphabet, desk plates, borders, bulletin boards etc. are in these two colors. It worked and my room turned out pretty cute. (Even though I still dislike this room.)

For 3 days you can get the following products for $1.00 each! I hope they look as good in your classroom as they do mine.

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Green & Aqua/tourquise chevron manuscript print and cursiv

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  1. Your classroom looks great! I was in an oddly shaped classroom for a few years and I felt like I wasted so much space because nothing fit well! Now I am in a corner of an oddly shaped room! These are cute decorations - and I love the ruffle under your alphabet.