Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ideas are Ideal

Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals

Hey y'all!!  I am Shana Grooms of Mrs. Grooms' Room! I am so excited to be part of this collaborative blog.  Boy, do I love those dollar deals!  I have a feeling this blog and I will be getting along just great!  

Today, I am soo excited to be sharing one of my favorite mini-units:  Ideas are Ideal!  

We work really hard on finding the main idea in first grade and sometimes it's a hard subject to grasp for firsties.  Having them explain the main idea can be tough, too.  It takes practice for those little kiddos!   

For my students, I created a selection of reading passages for students to use when learning about the main idea of a passage. 

I have used them in our small differentiated reading groups, centers, and homework.  Mainly, it is a great way to practice those reading comprehension skills! 

Take a peak at my little gem below.  

Click on the picture above to see the unit at my store.  
Check out the preview...there may be a special treat just for you! 

You get the idea!  ;)  

Take a look and try it out!    

Here are some more examples of the passages that you will find in the unit.
JUST REMEMBER....this little guy is only $1.00 for the next three days! 

See you soon!

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