Monday, August 11, 2014

Alphabet Bracelets!

Hello friends! It’s Dixie from Teachin’ Little Texans. I hope y’all are enjoying your summer and I hope you are getting really excited about going back to school! If you follow my blog or follow me on Facebook you know that I recently accepted a position as an early childhood specialist. I am SO excited and I am loving my job so far. I get to work with pre-K and kindergarten teachers in my district and it is so much fun. Today I am bringing a Dollar Steal for all of my pre-K and kinder friends!

Today I am offering one of my favorite products for only $1 (that’s the idea right?!). My Alphabet Bracelets are very popular with  pre-K and kindergarten kids. These are great to use at the beginning of the year as you learn and master letters and sounds in kindergarten or sprinkled throughout your year in pre-K.

In this file you will get three choices of bracelets to choose from. This came about because I couldn’t decide which version I liked bestso I included them all! 

All short and long vowel sounds are included! :)

Remember this $1 deal is only good for 3 days! So make sure you act fast! You can pick them up here.

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