Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Book Envelopes!

Hi friends! Kelly here from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten.              
Today my dollar deal for you is one of my FAVORITE things that I use in my own first grade classroom: 

As the year has progressed, my students have been so eager to take home books from our class library, especially as more of my students are able to read now independently. So I came up with a simple book envelope system to help keep my firsties organized! 

Something big that my class is working on right now is RESPONSIBILITY!! I wanted my kiddos to understand that if I was allowing them to take home books from our class library, they were responsible for making sure that the books stayed in good shape and made it safely back to the library. 
I decided to have all of my kiddos sign an agreement, and we talked about what a big responsibility it was to take care of their books. 

Essentially, the way the system works is that my kids keep a book in their envelope at all times. They take it to and from school every day. My students also take Accelerated Reader tests on the computer on most of the books they read. Most of the books that they keep in their envelopes are "AR" books. So, usually, I have my kids pick out a new book for their envelope after they have taken and passed an Accelerated Reader (AR) test on the book they've been working on. 

I don't let my kiddos get a new book every day. I really want them to be successful with their comprehension, and have them read their book multiple times. My high kids get a new book about three times a week. My lower students sometimes keep the same book all week. 

Here's the cover of their book envelopes & the custom agreement that I made for my kiddos this year: 

Interested in trying out Book Envelopes in your own classroom!? 

I have a TPT pack that includes everything that I posted about today, AND it is editable! 

You can write your own book agreement for your students to sign to meet your classroom needs. :) 
This pack is ONSALE for just $1 in my store for the next 3 days!!  
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