Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Elves Are Here!

Has your classroom elf arrived from the North Pole yet? Ours has! Jingle arrived in a special package from the North Pole on Tuesday, and my kids were psyched!
She brought us a letter introducing herself, and letting us know that she will return to the North Pole each night to tell her "boss" how we were doing. {Isn't the plush elf the cutest? To be honest, the normal Elf on the Shelf elf kind of creeps me out!}
She also brought with her some special elf journals for us to write in each day!
My students are so EXCITED about writing in their elf journals! It is great to see them look forward to it each morning! They have been writing about Jingle's arrival, what she has brought us, where she has moved... everything! Even my struggling writers look forward to their journal entries each day! Here are some of our entries...
"Jingle came to the class to watch over us."
"Jingle came in a box."
"Jingle saw our classroom."

Do you have a classroom elf? Grab these elf journals for just $1 in my TpT shop! I have included two different line options as well as a blank journal entry page and a page with a sentence starter! All of your learners will feel successful in their journals! Click the image below to check them out!

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