Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas and Winter Handwriting Scoot

So this is sad. I had my Christmas Themed Handwriting Scoot done and ready to be uploaded LAST YEAR...and I FORGOT ABOUT IT! I just remembered like a week ago! Sheesh..that's sad. But now that I've uploaded it, it comes to you for a dollar. If you aren't familiar with Handwriting Scoot, it's something I came up with last year as a way to practice seasonally themed words and handwriting at the same time. You play it just like Scoot, where students move from desk to desk with their recording sheet. All they have to do is copy the word on the card as neat as they can. I make it a competition with the top three neatest handwriting sheets being the winners of the game. Kids loveeee it and it's a way for me to see what their NEATEST handwriting ACTUALLY looks like. You can even use this as a reminder to them when they pretend they can't write neater than they are in to her assignments. Just whip out their sheet and say, "See?"

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I'm putting the Christmas themed words and the Winter themed word sets for a dollar each for the next three days. This is a great time to use it as a "filler," as well as you are eagerly awaiting your winter break!

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See you next month!

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