Sunday, October 25, 2015

Telling Time with Momma Minute and Baby Hour!

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I hope everyone is having a great October!  I know I am!!!  I think I have been soaking myself in pumpkin spice! YUM-O! 

We've been working really hard on time to the hour in my class this past week. We have split up our time unit so that we teach time to the hour now and time to the half-hour later in the year.  I LOVE teaching about time.  One reason is because it is so easy to do and the other reason is my first graders think...

Haha!  I love my firsties.  But when they can look at a real clock and they can read it in real time and understand what it's a big time, people. 

One of the units that I have created is near and dear to my heart.  It is called Telling Time with Momma Minute and Baby Hour.  I love using Momma Minute and Baby Hour in my lessons because my students totally relate to both characters and their jobs on the analog clock.  

They understand that Momma Minute counts the minutes because she is bigger than Baby Hour.  She also counts ALL of the minutes all day.  Baby Hour counts the hours cause there's only 12 of them. 

(My students always ask me about the daddy.  We call him Daddy Second cause he counts the seconds.  He and momma work really hard.)   :)   It works EVERY. TIME.

Here's what inside...

 There are flashcards, vocabulary words, visual aids, a clock craftivity, printables, matching cards, and some all-time favorite games like Scoot, and I have...Who has?  You can find Momma Minute and Baby Hour here

I hope you enjoy using Momma Minute and Baby Hour as much as the kids do and me, too!  Sooooo..for the next three days this unit is just a DOLLAR!!! Take advantage of the time!! 

Be sure to check these two helping hands out!!
October 25, 2015
October 26, 2015
October 27, 2015

Hoping you have a great Halloween!!  

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