Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Getting Creative & Making Writing Fun! {with Mrs. D's Corner}

November is one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is Thanksgiving a time to celebrate and give thanks with family and delicious food, but November is the time of year here in Texas where it's finally not 90 degrees every single day. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I'm used to it being 20 degrees already... so I'm ready for a break in temperature. I want to look cute in sweaters and boots too!

Either way, there are so many different holidays to celebrate this time of year. November brings the election every 4 years, Veteran's Day, talk of turkeys, fall, and so much more. So it's the perfect time to spice up your writing centers with some illustrated journaling cards!
Since I teach in a self-contained special ed classroom setting where many of my friends struggle with fine motor skills, we use the writing prompts more as verbal "writing" prompts.

I print them on white cardstock and run them through the laminator. Since there are 4 prompts on each sheet, I just cut them in half twice and then punch a hole in the upper left hand corner. Insert a binder ring and they are ready for my classroom!
Since our classroom writing block consists more of fine motor development, I use these journal cards as a "free time filler" or during transition time when we have a minute or two.

When I taught general ed, I set up one station dedicated to these writing prompts. The kids loved them! They're colorful and eye catching for your students, it lights their imagination up and gets them thinking all about the different topics November brings.

If you'd like to add these writing prompt cards to your classroom, you can pick them up for just $1 until the end of this week! So an entire month worth of a writing station for pennies a day!

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