Thursday, October 1, 2015

Caramel Apple Craftivity!

Hey teacher friends!!! Katie from Pop into Primary here! I hope the beginning of your school year has been laid back, relaxing and involved NO stress at all. {Who am I kidding is the most hectic time of the year...but I love it!!} 

I wanted to share with you a writing craftivity I made for my class and we had SO much fun with it!! 

I call it "Just how do you make a caramel apple?" I use it to teach sequencing (first, next, then, last) and to do a fun art project! 

Click the pic to see it on TpT!
Here are some photos of this craftivity in action:

Step 1: I have my kiddos write the four steps they think are needed to create a delicious caramel apple. {Side note: I love some of the "important steps" my kids come up with. One little guy wrote that you had to warm the caramel for 3 days. :) } I also display a photo of caramel apples on the board for inspiration.
Step 2: Cut out the writing circles {there are four: first, next, then, and last...also included are blank ones if you want to use different transitional words, or just use the template for a different project!} 
Step 3: Using the tracers provided, have your students trace out the caramel. {There are different tracers depending on how gooey they want their caramel.} Then, they glue it on their apple circle. {Template also provided.}
Step 4: Put it on a stick!! I love how these turn out! 
Make sure to check these out...on sale for $1 for THREE days!!

Happy fall y'all! {Luckily you didn't hear me try to say y'all with my Minnesota accent.}

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