Sunday, September 13, 2015

Phonics Games and Reading Strategies

Hi! Friends!  It's Rebecca from Learning With Firsties.

So here's my steal:  a HUGE Phonics Games Bundle for just $5!!!! The game boards are all the same format but the pictures and skills change with each game. I used these for the entire year with my first graders and they loved them. I loved them because I didn't have to explain the game each week. My kiddos already knew how to play! These games are simple and engaging. I used as a choice in my Word Work center for Daily Five. Perfect for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade literacy centers. Print and laminate for a year's worth of activities.

Contents included:

26 different phonics games ready for your word work
literacy centers

• Backpack Attack Short a & ck
 Big Pig     Short i
• Socks the Ox Short o
• Ellie the Elephant Short e
• Looking on the Bright Side Suffix ing
• Fun in the Sun Short u
• Shelby the Shark sh & th
• Don’t Be Late for the Plane Long a a-e
• Mike the Kite Long i i-e
• Jump Rope with Hope Long o o-e
• Pete the Mule Long u&e u-e e-e
• Lee the Bee Long e ee
• My Fuzzy Puppy Y sounds like i or e
• Don’t Get Skunked nk & ng
• Happily Hopping Suffix ing
• Super Girl to the Rescue er, ur, ir
• The Fudge Shop dge
• Play the Train Game ai & ay
• Knead the Bread ea
• Row Row Row Your Boat oa & ow
• Mighty Flies igh & ie
• Somewhere Over the Rainbow Compound Words
• Take a Dip in the Pool oo
• Don’t Tattle on the Turtle -le endings
• Shout Out to the Clowns ou & ow
• A Good Book oo

And here's my dollar steal:  Reading Strategies Anchor Charts for just a $1!!!! I LOVE using anchor charts in the classroom!! My firsties loved them too!!! They loved them so much that they would create their own!!! Sometimes we need a time saver so I've created these reading strategies anchor charts that you can print poster size and hang in your classroom.

I printed these from my printer at home and they measure 16"X22".  They print on 4 sheets. I tape them together and then laminate.  Staples is also an option but it's a little more pricey. 

Teach and Be Great!

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