Saturday, September 12, 2015

Math Labels and more!

Hey friends!!! It's Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden.

I'm dropping in today with my dollar steal for September. I posted a picture on instagram about a month ago and everyone wanted me to post these! I made them for one of my other coworkers in white and for myself in gray. If you're looking to organize math manipulatives or to organize your classroom, I've got the PERFECT set of labels for you!


I originally wanted to make new labels to make my book labels which are gray. After I told one of my teammies that I was making some, she wanted a white version.

I seriously love them so much. Since so many people asked, I added them to my store. I also have added to them TWICE. I am taking suggestions as long as it's something that many people will be able to benefit from.

Here's Megan's white labels. I have pictures of the gray on my Classroom Reveal post on my blog.

I LOVE the way the white ones turned out. They look so clean and organized. Her room is SUPER cute by the way! Can't you tell? I currently have over 50 labels included. They range from dice, color tiles, chain links, abc blocks to glue sticks and paint cups. To check out the entire list, head over to the link on either of the products below.

The great thing? You can get either set for the NEXT three days for only ONE dollar. Interested in a different color? Email me at and I'll make a set for you.

Pin now, so you'll remember to check them out later. :-) Happy Saturday!

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