Thursday, September 17, 2015

High Frequency Words

HI THERE!  It's Shanon from OCD in First!  I hope that you guys are getting back into the groove of school!  

Are you kiddos struggling with high frequency words? Are they struggling with fluency?  If so, this product might help you out. 


I've created a 36-week long curriculum that has 10-15 sight words each week for our students to learn. So with those words, I created games for the students to play to build fluency.  We have our game boards with sentences that are fill in the blank with the words, we have fluency strips to practice the sentences, we have flash cards to practice the words, we have I have, Who Has games to practice the words, and we have Build a Sentence to practice our words.  

In Build a Sentence, students have word cards in a pile.  They also have an envelope that tells them each sentence they have to build. One student reads the sentence, while the other student tries to find the words to build the sentence.  Two groups are usually playing, and they are racing to see who can finish all of their sentences first. 

Here are some of the items I have as print and go.  We use these for daily assessments, homework, and "seat work".  There are many different levels and a ton of different ways for students to practice their words.

This product also comes with all the words for the week to use on your word wall.  There are several different backgrounds to help match with your classroom.

 Students love CAN YOU BEAT YOUR SCORE!  For this activity, students time themselves or their partners with the words.  As they go, they try to beat their previous score.  

 Students also love our Fluency Strips.   For this, students work with a partner.  One partner pretends to "Be the Teacher" and times the other student on how many strips they can read correctly in one minute.  Then they switch.  This was GREAT for building speed!

To introduce the words, we also do a ppt with Elkonin boxes, and the kiddos love the ppt!!

This will be ONLY $1.00 for THREE DAYS! 

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