Monday, September 28, 2015

Bat Informational Texts {The Learning Chambers}

Happy Monday y'all!  It's Stephanie from The Learning Chambers and I can't wait to share my newest informational text pack with you guys.  I actually just finished it last night!

I absolutely love writing informational texts because I get to read and learn new facts that I didn't know.  Did you know that bumblebee bats are an inch in width?  That's so interesting to me!!

This pack includes four different texts and each of them is on a different reading level.  That makes it great to differentiate.  The levels include DRA level 40, 38, 34, and 28.  With the higher levels, I love reading them with my students but I do have a few that can read them on their own.

Each text includes three different printable pages with comprehension questions.  The first is a fact writing sheet, the second has comprehension questions, and the third focuses on main idea and details.  Perfect to help your students work on their written responses after reading a text.

I also included a page for each text that you can use to check fluency during a running record.  Those have been super helpful to me!

The best part is that I'm adding three more bats this week and will have them completed by October 3.  Grab them now and you'll be able to re-download when I add the new bat texts.

This bat informational text pack will be on sale for $1 for the next 3 days (September 28th - 30th only).  Click on the product cover above to see it in my store.

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  1. I love bats. I bet the kids will too after learning so many great facts!