Saturday, August 1, 2015

Parent Pleasing Notes?!?! Yes please!!

Hey teacher friends! I am EXCITED to be joining the Teacher Deals, Dollar Steals team! {And telling you about the latest $1 deal!!} My name is Katie Palmer and I blog at Pop into Primary. I teach 2nd grade in MN. 

Alright...let's get to it. I LOVE telling parents happy, exciting, amazing news about their child, not only as a learner, but about their character as well. Don't you?? I used to do what I called "sunshine calls", and I still do them, but I wanted a quicker, easier way to let parents know just how awesome their kiddos are. Thus the creation of my Back to School Parent Pleasers.
Click the pic to see this product in my store!! 

This pack of notes contains 20 different notes to send home with your kiddos to make them feel special like the king or queen of the world. Each note is provided in black and white or color version. Some of the notes have various clip art options and skin tones options bringing it to 50 pages!! is only $1.00...for a limited time!! 
Above you see some of the parent pleaser notes, I couldn't fit them all in one picture! Like I said, I try to send home two a week. That is not to each kid, each week. Two total. If you do the math, there are about 36 weeks of school (is that right?) and times two that is 72 notes!! 72 times I have sent praise home that not only makes the students feel great {praise from their teacher AND now their parent!} but makes the parents smile.

In my classroom I prefer to use the black & white versions. That way, the lucky kiddo that gets to take home the parent pleaser gets to color it too!?! (This is an amazing honor for 2nd graders!) 
Lastly, how do I store these notes AND keep track of who has gotten a note? I keep it simple. I have one of those expandy files know what I mean...right? :) I labeled the tabs and store two types of notes in each pocket. (I clip them together by color, b & w, or clip art type since a few of them have six versions!) When I want to send one home, I just pull out my trusty expandy and there it is!
On the back of the expandy (I think I like that name for it) I tape a list of my students, and tally mark when I send home a note with them. Sometimes I jot down what note it was. 

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to head to my store to snag this deal for $1!! Your students and parents will thank you!


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