Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do You Brag Tag?

Hi Friends!  It's Rebecca from Learning With Firsties!!  So excited to share about Brag Tags!

Brag tags...why are they so effective?  It's a tag that a child is proud of!  They received it because of something specific accomplished.  It's something that they earn.  

Brag tags take me back to when Cady and Trey, my kiddos who are now 21 & 20, were in elementary school. They had a PE teacher that did something similar to brag tags.  For so many laps/miles run Mrs. Stone would give out a small rubber foot that could be placed on their shoestring. It was a HUGE deal to get that foot.  Tonight I asked them if they remembered those feet and it sparked some great memories of childhood. Now if Mrs. Stone had given trinkets from a treasure chest I don't think it would have made the same impact.  Those feet stayed on those shoestrings all throughout the school year and they were so proud of them!!! 

Motivate your kiddos to work hard, play hard, and build character with brag tags.  It's simple and inexpensive: print, laminate and cut! I think storing in storage drawers like the pic below is the best way to keep them organized.

I'm always looking for ways to engage and motivate kiddos so when Sayward asked if I could create some brag tags I was all about it!!! I'll be sharing these with my teachers at school this year!!! I can't wait to see them swinging on the zippers of back packs in the hallways.  

How do my kiddos keep up with these brag tags?  
1.  Purchase binder rings to place on the zipper or strap of their back packs.  Hole punch the brag tags and place them on the ring.
2.  Purchase dog tag necklaces and hang in an area in your classroom.  Hole punch the brag tags and place them on the necklace.  If you choose this method make sure you have designated days that the kiddos can where them home and show them off.

Want a free sample?

You can grab these brag tags for $1 through August 15!!!!  Click HERE to find them.

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