Thursday, July 16, 2015

Teen Toppers from Smart Kids

It's the 16th of the turn to give you a deal for a dollar! Hi, friends! This is Jayne from Smart Kids. The dollar item this month is....

Teen numbers don't have to be tricky. Use teen toppers to help your kiddos see each teen number as a group of ten and some more. To build a teen number, a child puts an apples card (single-digit number) on top of a tree card (set of ten). 

This set includes:
*A tree math mat and apple manipulatives for building teen numbers. Use these in a a small group along with the recording sheets.
*A set of teen-topper cards. Use these with small groups or put these in a center along with the recording sheets.

*Small group lessons for use with the teen-topper cards.

*Four recording pages.
*Three cut-and-paste pages. Use these as independent work, remediation or as assessments.

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