Saturday, June 27, 2015

Skill Building {Phonics Sets} with Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

Hey friends! It's Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom and I love this time of the month because I get to share some of my most beloved resources with you for what I consider to be a steal!

I teach second grade and I can never get my hands on enough phonics resources, especially with the need to differentiate in my classroom. I decided to create some of my own to help my kids work on vowel teams.

 For the next three days, my -ue, ui, and ew pack will be just $1.00! Yep, you read that right! Just $1.00! Let's take a look inside of the pack to see some of the resources you can grab for that price.
 There are colored and black and white word cards. I like to put mine on the board when introducing the words, but they are also great to use in small groups!
 There are a variety of word sorts!
 I love having my students practice writing sentences! This activity is called build a word.
 I try to come up with create ways to reuse materials, so I have my students glue the tiles to the back of the paper. Two thumbs up!
 Here, students can roll a die to use a word in a sentence.

One other activity is my flap books. The kids love to write sentences and draw pictures in these.

I hope you loved taking a look at this resource! You can also grab the -oa, oe, and -ow pack for half off!! Currently I am working on some Magic Tree House resources, but after that, I look forward to making some more vowel team resources to share!

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