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June Math Mats by Proud to be Primary

Hi everyone! It's Elyse from Proud to be Primary. 
I'm excited to be back sharing another month of Math Mats with you!
Math Mats for June is a great year end review of math skills covered for the year. Even if school is ending, this makes a great end of the year packet to send home to avoid that math slide (regression of math skills)!

I created Math Mats so that I had something to give my students to practice the math concepts that we needed to know on a daily basis. I wanted each page of this resource to provide an abundance of learning opportunities, as well as the necessary review that is needed in order for students to retain an understanding of math skills and standards. 

Here is the breakdown of a Math Math.

Each Math Mat is different and each month touches on almost ALL of the Common Core Standards for Math for first grade. It will also work as a math review for second grade and for those in Kindergarten needing a challenge. You can be confident that your students are learning and practicing the necessary skills in math each month!

Math Skills Covered in Math Mats
*Addition word problems
*Subtraction word problems
*Addition math fact practice with fingers, number lines, 10 frames, and pictures, as well as figuring out the missing addends, adding 3 numbers, and whether equations are true or false.
*Subtraction math fact practice with fingers, number lines, 10 frames, and pictures, as well as finding out the missing numbers, subtracting 3 numbers, and whether equations are true or false.
*2D Geometry - draw, identify, and describe shapes
*3D Geometry - identify, describe, and match shapes with real life objects
*Measurement - counting number of units, describing which object is tallest/shortest/longest, and drawing objects that are taller/shorter/longer
*Time to the hour and half hour - add hands on clocks & reading clocks
*Months of the year
*Numbers to 100 - fill in missing numbers and completing number charts
*Write number words to 20
*Place value to 20 - counting and drawing ones and tens blocks 
*Greater and less than
*1/10 more or less
*Number order to 100
*Ordinal numbers to 10
*Tally marks
*Skip Counting by 2's, 5's, & 10's - counting groups and using the skip counting patterns
*Graphing - adding data onto graphs and answering questions
*Sorting - counting groups and making a sorting rule
*Patterning - create and complete different types of patterns
*Money - identify and count coins (provided in Canadian on additional pages)

Another reason why I LOVE these mats is the low-prep aspect. They are print and go style printable sheets that lend themselves well to many uses. 

Copy Math Mats on card stock and laminate. You could also put the pages inside a wipe-off cover. Give students a dry erase pen to complete the Math Mat for that day. After they complete a mat, they simply clean it off and give to someone else to complete. They work great for your math center and during your fast finisher time.
You can print Math Mats on seasonal colored paper. You can keep them stored for each month ready to go.

A cover page is provided in each Math Mat pack with the option of creating a booklet for your students. These booklets work great for morning work time or for homework packets to send home with your students each month. Parents would love that!

Do you use Interactive Notebooks? Well, look no further...Math Mats are perfect for your math interactive notebooks! Simply, change your printer settings to print off a smaller, scaled copy of a Math Mat. Follow the steps below!
Math Mats work great in your interactive notebooks during Math Workshop time! 

Another option for keeping Math Mats and other math activities all in one place is to use a three pronged folder. I love using these types of folders because my students can keep them in their book baskets or desks and they are easily accessible when needed. You could make a copy of the monthly Math Mats for each students to place inside their folder and use for morning work and during Math Workshop.

Here is close-up sample of a Math Mat. Each mat has a spot for your students' name and the date. Each Math Mat is clearly represented with the math concept (heading) at the top of each section. The instructions are below the headings and important text is in bold to help students complete the activities. Seasonal graphics and math manipulative graphics are used to clearly represent the problems.

Teacher Recommended
Teachers are using Math Mats in their classrooms and have shared these thoughts and opinions below.

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Each pack will be released the month before and the bundle will be updated and available for you to re-download when they become available. The cover image below shows you the dates of release.

Math Mats for June is available HERE

Thanks for shopping with me!

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