Saturday, April 25, 2015

CRABBY SAYS OW!!! From Mrs. Grooms' Room

Hey y'all!

I am hoping you are having a great April!!!   I can't believe it is APRIL friends!!! And boy I am so grateful to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!  

We just started our diphthongs.  (THE HARDEST SOUNDS EVER, FRIENDS!!) And every year I fight this battle with these two little letters...O and W!!   My struggling readers seem to always get the /ow/ in cow and /ow/ in mow mixed up.  Soo what is a teacher to do?  In our small reading group, I always tell my students that /ow/ gets pinched and it says OW! And OW!  


Who else in the world has pinchers??  How about a crab?  A crab with band-aids...a crab with band-aids that really is an OW??? 

I am sure you see where this is going.  

Here is what I tell my kiddos!! (See below!)  

(They laugh especially because the ow in cow and the ow in mow becomes pretty dramatic like I am in agony...because I just got pinched.)

Here are several of the things included in the pack...

You have a write the room activity.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE Write the Room games so this was an absolute must for me.   We call it Write the Wall since all of the words end up on one of our walls.  It's great because they read, sort, and write the words...all in a possible fifteen minutes.  


You will find a I have...Who has Crabby???  game. It's easy to play and the graphics and words are easy to see and understand. 

Here is a sample of the practice sheets you will find!  Easy to use for independent work or homework.  Great practice!!! 

You are going to find all of this and more in this set. Click here to find Crabby says OW!  It's such a great buy and fun, too!  It will be a dollar for the next three days!!  It will never be this cheap again so grab it while it's hot.  Okay...Crabby has pinchers...handle with care!! 


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